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Former Employee
Former Employee

Can you do multiple expressions with geo mapping?

We are working with Qlik Sense and have a question regarding the hover feature over geo points on a map. We cannot seem to figure out how to add information to the bubble. When I hover I get the city and state and then I can add one expression – count(Railcar) - but that’s it. Please see below –

Qlik Sense Mapping.png

Please let me know how I can accomplish adding additional information to the hover button.

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You can not have 2 measures in the geomap. Only one. For example the bubble size could be depends by the sales.

Best regards.

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Jeff,

just use something like NPGeoMap, they can really make nice mapping. Many Layers, very fast even with 30.000 markers,...

bye Konrad

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The standard map in Qlik Sense can only use one expression. I recommend taking a look the map extension IdevioMaps that can do what you want and much more.

More info and live demos at QlikMarket:


Patric Nordström, Idevio