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Connection to Engine API via Access Point

Dear all,

I used qsocks as a wrapper for the Engine API in a Qlik Sense extension in order to update the title property of an object on demand. I've tested the extension successfully on Qlik Sense Desktop and on a Qlik Sense server. On the Qlik Sense server, the object titles are correctly altered for the user's session and the changes are not reflected for other users.

The problem is that I tested this extension by opening the Qlik Sense access portal on the server itself via a Windows remote desktop connection. When I test the extension in the conventional way (typing the server address in a browser window and authenticating without using Windows Remote Desktop) the extension fails. The web socket cannot be opened, the handshake is cancelled.

Does any of you have experienced the same issue? What is the difference in connecting to the Qlik Engine via this approach compared to opening the access portal on the server itself via remote desktop? How to handle the difference in the config object used in qsocks?

The current config object looks like this:

var config = {

  host: '',

  isSecure: true,

  appname: 'd5fb1650-9fc9-4e6e-802a-1153d2857832


Thanks in advance,


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