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Specialist II
Specialist II

Creating a bookmark as an anonymous user

Hi everyone,

I closed discussion Qlik Sense Mashup - using enigma.js in browser to connect to Engine API after Erik W answered my initial question regarding how to use enigma in a browser.  However, I am still left with the question of whether it is possible to create a bookmark as an anonymous user.  Unfortunately, when I try to do so, although it seems at first glance that the bookmark has been created, the bookmark is, in fact, invalid and is not visible when the page is refreshed. 

When trying to publish the bookmark I receive an error:

    1. status: 2, value: Error: Forbidden at e.m (http://<server>/resources/js/qlik.js:1:451496) at a (http://…}
    2. requestId:136
    3. then:ƒ ()
    4. __proto__:Object

I have an outstanding discussion open relating to whether it is possible to set up a security rule via the QMC, but I would be interested in any views regarding whether the issue can be resolved via use of the Engine API or any other API.

Here is the code I am using to create the bookmark, which works when authenticated (by logging into the dev-hub, etc.beforehand), but not when anonymous.



"handle": 1,

"method": "CreateBookmark",

"params": {

"qProp": {

"qInfo": {

"qId": "bm01",

"qType": "bookmark"


"qMetaDef": {

"title": "cz",

"description": "cz"         


"sheetId": "PmgpHj"






strPublish = objBM.publish();



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