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Contributor III
Contributor III

Creating an extension with multiple filters embedded

Hi everyone, I want to first ask if what I am asking already exists. I am trying to enhance my dashboard so that my filters (out of box) will be at the top row. I will wrap all my filters and embedded it into an extension and also freeze the top row (in this case, the filters). This way, I maximize my real estate for my users to be able to scroll down but also having those critical filters above to help them slice and dice the data. Wondering if anyone has ran something similar?

end goal: build in 4-5 filters combined, in an extension, to add custom css in order to freeze this top row of filters. 

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Partner - Master
Partner - Master

Hi @ymcmb 

Not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but you can achieve this pretty much out the box.

If you create a Master Visualization for you filters, then Drop this on every sheet, size it to single row at the top of the sheet, you selections naturally carry over. 

Contributor III
Contributor III

Think of They have their top pane frozen to allow their users to freely scroll horizontally to view video. I've been currently building something similar out in the dev hub!