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Current Selections in a Widget

I'm looking to list the current selections in a widget the same as can be done for listing dimensions, measures and variables in an app.

Dimension Example:

<li ng-repeat="dimension in dimensions" ng-bind="dimension.qMeta.title">

According to the documentation

this should be possible.

I have navigated through the Engine API Explorer, but I cannot find the correct way to access "currentselections".

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the page you are referring to describes stuff that is specific for widgets. You won’t find that in Engine API explorer.

Erik Wetterberg

Extending Qlik – Use Qlik in your own apps and sites


Thanks Erik,

I understand what you mean by the specific widget information not being in the engine explorer, however, I was able to see properties of dimensions, measures, sheets, and current slections in the Engine API Explorer that are not easily found in the Qlik documentation.  With this, I was able to pull that detail into a table Widget.  Unfortunately, I have not been successful with "CurrentSelection".

By comparison (<li ng-repeat="dimension in dimensions" ng-bind="dimension.qMeta.title">), this or a variation of it should work...

<li ng-repeat="CurrentSelection in CurrentSelections" ng-bind="CurrentSelection.qSelectionObject.qSelections.qSelected">