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Custom Theme won't apply to existing objects

Hello All,

I have created several custom themes to use in Qlik Sense but the themes are not working as desired.
I'm using "_inherit: false" in 2 of 3 of the custom themes but I'm having the same issues with all of the themes.
The custom theme will not load with existing objects in a sheet without manually refreshing each object.
The background color of the entire sheet will update but no other graphs/objects on the page will change.
There are times where adding another object to the sheet will "refresh" the other objects and the theme will be applied.
Other times entering "Edit Sheet" and then changing the theme will allow the theme to update.
It is often that these methods do not work.
Another user attempted to use the custom themes and experienced the same issues.

The JSON & CSS file appear to be written & working correctly because the appropriate changes are shown when the theme does load.

Is there anyway to ensure the theme will load properly every time it is selected ?


I have attached the JSON file below. 



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