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Contributor III
Contributor III

D3.js collapsible tree diagram


I'm trying to reuse a code from  3d

I have problem converting the treeData  Object

the data source format  should be like this

var treeData =
    "name": "Top Level",
    "children": [
        "name": "Level 2: A",
        "children": [
          { "name": "Son of A" },
          { "name": "Daughter of A" }
      { "name": "Level 2: B" }

How can I have this format reading from the hypercube ?

Starting with 2 dimensions the data Object come with this format

var qMatrix = layout.qHyperCube.qDataPages[0].qMatrix ;

var data (d) {

return {
          "dim1": d[0].qText ,
         "dim2": d[1].qText

many thanks for your advice.



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