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Creator II
Creator II

Data Level Security at server level(without writing in application)

Can we design data level security in such a way that we dont need to write it at each and every application level. For example if we have user list along with his accesses defined in one particular system can we link it with Qlik in such a way that we dont need to define section access at each application level and as soon as user enters hub he/she should be able to see only data to which user has access to when opens any application

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi Dude,

I believe you can write the Section Access script code including the connection towards the respected file system in a '.QVS' Script file and save it at one location.

That file you bring it in every QS application using 'must include' or 'include' keyword functionality. In this way you need not repeat the security code level at every application.

Hope its useful !


Creator II
Creator II

hi..thanks for reply. however we will have to reload each qvw files whenever there are changes in security table right? Is there anyway to get real time changes in security model reflect in qvws without reloading those files? that is the reason i wanted to know if there is any way that when we enter hub or access point the data gets filtered for the user. I am sure there wont be any straight forward solution for this but wanted to know if anyone has tried with any extension or changes on server,publisher etc..