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Contributor II
Contributor II

Direct Query - Automatic Screen Update

Hi guys!

I am using in a Script the DIRECT QUERY command to update the data (which are few) from time to time. However, I realized that the data is updated in memory and, to be updated on the screen, it needs to have some iteration in it. That is, resizing, updating, or even filtering.

Does anyone know to answer me if there is any way for this record to be automatically updated without user iteration?

Note: I made an adjustment using the mashup, but I did not get the result I wanted. I added JavaScript in the SetInterval () function to run the "app.clearAll ()" function every 10 seconds. But, in fact I wanted to get the function back when it finished executing, so that, knowing that it finished executing, I can execute it again. This procedure would not generate update stack.

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