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I have successfully login with qlik and certificates and Ticket.

I use websocket to communicate with the api to display apps and sheets and i display then throw an iframe in my website

But how can i disconnect the qlik user i used to obtain ticket. I have a qlik cookie registered in the browser and i cant disconnect with the qlik disconnect button. I have my website disconnect button which should disconnect the qlik user also at session end programmatically.

Actually when i disconnect from my webapp and i reconnect with anoter account i still have the last qlik user connection

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How do u try to disconnect the qlik session when your website button is clicked ?

example of how u should disconnect using JavaScript is:


type: 'DELETE',

url: 'https://' + config.host + config.prefix + 'qps/user'


This works in a mashup (without iframes, but I think it should work also for u)


Thanks for your reply.

When the user disconnect i call the url <qlik server>:4243/qps/<virtual proxy>/user/<directory>/<userId> from the server throw the certificates. I kill the session but in the browser there is still the cookie and files in cache.

When i reconnect with another account, if i clean the cache its working but not if i dont

I tried your method : $.ajax({type: 'DELETE',url: 'https://' + config.host + config.prefix + 'qps/user'});

but i have security issues due to cross scripting. I can't call this url directly and throw the websocket i have not found any API to end user session