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Export data to image is not working

Hi All,

We are facing an issue while exporting any chart/object in an image form. Exporting in excel is working properly.

When we export chart with full data (didn't apply any filter) and did the export multiple times and out of the exported images, one image is displaying the proper data and the rest of the images shown empty with an outline of X and Y-axis, which is inconsistent behavior. Not sure what's happening with this and can someone please provide the inputs/suggestions.

Qliksense version: February 2020 Patch 5



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Hi @nagarajuecs ,

Sorry I don't have the answer for your question but I am also working on this and stuck on how to export the data, so would like to know what method you using to export the data into excel.

Can you please explain me the steps you  did for that. (exportData() was not working for me)

lke. 1. connect to engine


Thanks in advance.

P.S. : I am using python for this.


Hi subaru,

We are not using any programming to export the data to image or excel.

When you right-click on any chart in Qliksense, you will see the export option and under export, we will have multiple options (export to image, PDF, export data(excel)). We are getting an issue when we export to image, the data is not displaying on the visuals but it's displaying only the axis values.

We are expecting both data and axis values on the exported image.