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Exporting to powerpoint using just a rest api call

HI All


I have some stories which are being used to export to powerpoint.  I went by an earlier post and found that without the .NET SDK (connecting to the qlik engine) we could not export the entire story to powerpoint. Rest api calls were not able to do that.

We had the following idea and wanted to make it work

we wanted to do an on demand processing where a certain story will be just needed (on need basis only) to generate powerpoint actual files.  Like say I have a link in my webpage. User clicks the link - the story will run of the latest data available to it from its datasource(inside qlik), the export will generated and the user gets a download of the actual powerpoint file. If we just make a rest api call and then a file is generated automatically (with all the charts and tables) we can then connect the file back to user. So if through an api call an export of entire story is it possible first to export an entire story to a powerpoint file.

We have the need for both pdf and powerpoint.



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