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Contributor II
Contributor II

Get authenticated message shows error socket closed


I'm trying to get authenticated user outside qlik sense using enigma.js and my code displays error like,

Screenshot (5).png

For your kind information, I'm already logged into qlik sense.

My code:

const enigma = require('enigma.js');

const schema = require('enigma.js/schemas/12.20.0.json');

const SenseUtilities = require('enigma.js/sense-utilities');

const config = {

    host: 'Host.Name.Com',

    secure: true,

    port: 443,

    prefix: "/Proxy prefix/",


const url = SenseUtilities.buildUrl(config);


const session = enigma.create({ schema, url,

    listeners: {

        "notification:OnAuthenticationInformation": ( authInfo ) => {//notification:

            if ( authInfo.mustAuthenticate ) {

                location.href = authInfo.loginUri;





    global.getAuthenticatedUser().then(user => console.log(user));


Any help?

what am i doing wrong? please suggest.


Bhargav Patel

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