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Contributor III

Get data from API via Python

Hello colleagues!

I have already read almost all the posts on the forum and did not find an answer to my question:
Can I get data from the app using the QRS API?
For example: I have an app. I would like to get its data via the API (for example, the sales amount). Or can I get the table in some form and then I can calculate the value of the sales amount myself.

I came across the app/datasegment/full method. It seemed to me that you can get a data segment from it, but the only interesting thing there is the metaDataObject field, but its meaning is not clear to me

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Hi @g_bolshakov 

I believe this might be the information you are looking for, let me know if that helps.


Kind regards.


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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi @NadiaB !

Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunately, I failed to use this method for my task. If anything changes, I'll let you know.


Hi @g_bolshakov , did u get anything working on this? I also have the same requirement but unable to do so.


The TLDR answer to your question is: No, it is not possible to get data from an app using the QRS API. You have to use the engine API to extract data from apps.

Some more explanation: In general, the responsibility between the QRS and Engine APIs are divided like this:

  • App Management: QRS
  • App Contents: Engine

So operations such as copy, import, publish, etc is handled through QRS, while data extraction and app modifications such as adding or editing sheets and visualizations is handled by the engine. There are some exceptions to this, but that's the general picture. And extracting data is definitely not an exception but right in the core of the responsibility of the engine. It's the engine that has all the logic for doing the expression evaluation and data aggregation that is necessary to return data.

I am not sure what the exact semantics of the "app/datasegment" endpoint is, but that's an endpoint that is used internally that can only be called by the Qlik Sense service users (like INTERNAL\sa_engine). I think it's associated with some security aspect (which is handled by the QRS).

Contributor III
Contributor III

I'm in a situation where I have the Engine API connection setup with Python and am able to execute the exportData method on the desired table object.  However, I'm having difficulty actually downloading the temporary csv file via the qUrl returned from exportData task.  How should one go about accessing the CSV?

Thank you,