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How can I uncache Qlik Sense?

Dear Qlik Sense Users,

In my transition from Qlik Sense 1.0 to 1.1 I've encountered some difficulties.

The following has caused me a lot of time.

When I want to edit my extension, and I open the script.js file on my local folder the extension does not seem to apply these changes.

When I edit the extension in the workbench editor it does.

So my question is:

Does Qlik Sense cache a version of the extension on the local server, and how do I force to use the extension on my local folder?

A second caching question occurs, I let my extension read some csv files in the folder of the extension.

In Sense 1.0 I could simply add a folder and read from it. In Sense 1.1 I can not, it only reads the current folders and does not see an added folder.

So my second question is:

Does Qlik Sense cache the folders present in the extension on the local server, and how do I force Qlik Sense to see the new folders?

Hope you guys can help!

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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

I use this to clean Sense Desktop cache :

In Qlik Sense Desktop, Open your application, then activate Chrome Dev tools by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+Right click, then select "Show Dev tools" menu item.

In Chrom Dev Tools tab, click on Settings icon (up right the screen) and set first option on :

"Disable cache (while DevTools is open)". Then close Dev tools settings.

Go back to your application Tab, and refresh your application display using CTRL+F5.

Hope this help,


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Thank you for your quick response, this did however did not solve my problem.

An other example:

When I open the workbench, http://localhost:4848/workbench and open my extension.

The first line in my code is         console.log('Start of Extension workbench');

When I open my extension locally. C:\Users\<User>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\My Extension

The first line in my code is        console.log('Start of Extension');

When I run my extension, I always get to see 'Start of Extension workbench'.

3 questions arise:

  • Why is there a difference in these 2 versions?
  • How do I get them to be the same?
  • How do I get Qlik Sense so far that I can edit my extension Locally again?

Hi Martien,

The name of the folder you store your extension files in is not really relevant. The root folder of the extension is the folder where you have your qext file.

For example:

if you have a qext file called xxxx.qext and store it in C:\Users\<User>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\yyyy where you also have a xxxx.js, the path to xxxx.js will be something like http://localhost:4848/extensions/xxxx/xxxx.js.


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Hi Erik,

thank you for your response.

Let me demonstrate by printscreens what happens.

In the below 2 immages, we can see a printscreen of the qext files.

First is my local file on my computer. Please note the version 1.1.

The second screen is a printscreen of when I open the same extension. Note that it has got version 1.0.

Why does this happen?

Files In Folder Heatmap.PNG

Files In Workbench Heatmap.PNG

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Humm... May be you can check some things...

a) Why is your local wbfolder.wbl dated from august ? Workbench editor uses this file to display all extension files in different tabs. Can you edit it to see what is inside (the file list is in plain text) ?

b) Try to import a new file in workbench, i.e. a png image. Then check if it appears in your local file directory.

If it doesn't, let's search for it in all extensions, may be you have a name conflict with another "heatmap" qext definition ? Has this new file name been added to wbfolder.wbl ?

c) Let's open an application using your extension from Chrome browser at  http://localhost:4848/hub/my/work

Then activate dev tools CTRL/Shift J. In the Sources tab, expand the "localhost:4848" item. Then expand "Extension/HeatMap" folder. You shouls see your HeatMap.js? followed by some digits. Select this file, right clic on "Copy link address" and paste elsewhere to check the complete path of this file; or right clic on "Open link in new tab" to check the actual script content.

An advice : QS Help state that "The Qext file name is used as identification for the visualization which means that, especially if you intend to make it available for others to use, it must be a unique file name." I strongly advice you to give your Qext file a name including your company and domain, ie com-acme-heatmap.qext if you work at Acme. Same rule should be applied to your main js file.

Hope this will help you.

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thanks for your response.

My answers:


The contet of wbfolder.wbl is:



When I import a file it is not shown in my wbfolder.wbl on my local copy.


The adres of my extension is:


have solved my problem by creating a new extension and creating a new application.

With the same content.

So my problem has been solved, however we dit not find the answer.