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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

How to add an iframe without the background color white ?

Hi everyone !

I have an iframe from an app that takes the entire screen :

<iframe src='http://server/single/?appid=b7632556-6a90-40e7-8913-87980576d144&sheet=5611a434-ace2-447d-8848-9a756...'></iframe>

And i want to add my own background image to this page.

Unfortunately the iframe show a white background and i would'like it to be transparent.


Do you have any idea how to do it ?

Thank you,


1 Reply

An iframe is normally treated as a separate page and shouldn't be possible to manipulate. You might want to look into the getObject() method instead.

Try the mashup editor, create a new mashup (from the Basic mashup template) and remove all objects except one. If you make this object full screen you should be able to mimic what you might be after.