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How to format a number in extension according to Qlik Formatting Pattern?


I'm just starting with my extensions development studies and have probably a dumb question: how to format a number I'm calculating inside my extension JavaScript code according to qlik formatting pattern?

Here is a very basic thing I need to do. A user of extension inputs a number in properties panel, I'm doing some calculations in the extension code and then I need to show the result, something like this: 


paint: function ( $element, layout ) {
var myNewValue;
myNewValue = 100 + layout.myValue;
var html = "" + myNewValue + ""
$element.html( html );
return qlik.Promise.resolve();



But when I'm creating this html element I want to ask Qlik to format this "myNewValue" with Num()  function. Basically I need the string result of Num( myNewValue, '#,##0.##', '.' , ',' ) 

Am I missing something obvious? I understand that I can get strings from hypercube but how to do the same with my own calculated values?

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It looks like this is what you are looking for.

In short, there is enigmajs model, which you can access from your extension via:


 This model allows you to make calls to QIX Engine API. So in your case you would do:

this.backendApi.model.enigmaModel.app.evaluate(`Num(${myNewValue}, '#,##0.##', '.' , ',' )`)
.then((evalResult) => {
  //do what you need with the evalResult

Hope this helps.