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How to set properties in panel dynamically

i have drop-down list of current objects available on sheet, i want to put mechanism in paint method or property definition section so that measures of that selected object comes on measure section.

for example,

Screenshot (91).png

Let's say i selected object Revenue by Product Group. it has dimension - product group & measure - Revenue. and i want that measure & dimension on that tab automatically.

Screenshot (92).png

I have object ids. how could i do that? please help.

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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

I was solving a similar problem, trying to reference a current properties in the property definition object. In the first example in these docs the options field is built from an anonymous function, what the docs don't say is that this function receives the scope object as single parameter, so you can do:

function (scope) {




hope that helps..

thank you to konrad.mattheis on the slack channel for pointing me to the answer!