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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

In Qlik Sense cloud, can an app have multiple simultaneous reloads??

I noted something slightly strange today:

  1. In Qlik Sense cloud, I use the /reloads API to start an app reload. The app takes 60 seconds to reload.
  2. A few seconds after step 1 I call the same API again and start another reload.
  3. Same again a few seconds later - start a third reload. 
  4. Looking at what reloads exist for this particular app (once again using the /reloads API), the API result tells me that there are three reloads with a state of "RELOADING".
  5. The three reloads do not stop at the same time, but instead with slight delays.


This is confusing.

Are there 3 different instances of the app, each being reloaded in parallel? Doesn't make sense if so - an app is an app, and there should/can only be one instance of it.

In QSEoW a specific app is either reloading or not. If it's already reloading when another reload is called for, the ongoing reload just keeps going, and no new reload starts.

Bottom line is that the behaviour seems to differ between QSEoW and QS cloud, and I can't find any docs explaining how/why.

Any insight from Qlik?

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