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Limited number of access passes on a licensed user

We have an integration between our ERP platform and Qlik Sense: using ticket system the platform serves as an authentication and authorisation source for Qlik Sense. We use the mechanism as described in QlikSenseTicket.java by Jeffrey Goldberg.

With every report link that is clicked from our menu, or with every report that is showing some data integrated in the web page of the product, this ticket is requested and the link to the report (usually single object type of report) is executed.

Every now and then we get the following message from Qlik Sense:
                              You cannot access Qlik Sense because you have no access pass.

The issue occurs for both users with user access as well as for login access (token based).

I have now discovered that Qlik uses some sort of maximum concurrent sessions for a user. To allow users to work on different devices, a user can log in 5 times at the same time. This limit is to avoid abuse from users sharing their login.
Whenever a user hits the 5 passes mark, the user is banned from new passes for 5 minutes.

I have already tried to enable the 'extended security environment' on my virtual proxy, but to no avail. This setting is supposed to make sharing of login information impossible (therefore also concurrent use on different devices) but that is fine as I don't need it. However, it seems that Qlik Sense doesn't bother looking at this device information when handing out access passes and blocks at the 5 session limit. The user is still banned from access passes for 5 minutes.

I currently don't have the option of maintaining some sort of 'context' for the user to track wether or not it has already logged in to Qlik and how long ago.

Is there some sort of api that I can call (without first requesting a ticket) that will tell me if I already have an access pass or not? If the api returns an error, I will request a ticket. If it passes, I launch my report (based on active cookie I suppose) without requesting a ticket first.
If I keep the browser window open (without extended security even), surprisingly I can call as many times as I want. it is as if Qlik Sense then does not open a new session but reuses the one from the active cookie. (Also cannot log in as a different user while a browser window still open, not even when passing ticket info)

Or is there a setting that disables this 5-session limit when using extended security environment?

We have Qlik Sense september 2018. The browser is Eclipse builtin browser, but same happens when using external browser.

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In Qlik Sense there is a limit of 5 simultaneous session for a user so you can't avoid that if you use the standard authentification QS thought proxy and i mean here NTLM, static header, dynamic header etc...

The only way to avoid that limit is to connect directly to the engine using port 4747, where there is no session controle and you can start as many session as you want for a user.

I believe that is the way NPrinting and others programs who use QES communicate with Qliksense.




does this also give the user access to hub, singles and mashups?