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Login panel to change rest api parameters - Qlik Sense Desktop

We have a method that takes in 4 parameters, a username and password as well as a from date and to date. Is it possible to have a sort of pop up login panel requesting a username and password that when entered will set the parameters that gets requested? I apologize if it doesn't make sense, still pretty new tho this.

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Brendton,

I'm trying to do something similar at the moment - my thoughts are to use a form extension, and then set the form fields as variables - and then use WITH CONNECTION within a partial reload, which is started by a 'Submit' button within the extension.


By using Qlikview, if we want users to manually type their credentials, from QMC, QlikView Web Servers, Authentication and set it to Alternate Login Page (web form). They will be redirected to FormLogin.htm page where they will have to enter name and password.

So in the similar way, may be there is something possible from Qlik Sense QMC.