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Mashup Filtering Multiple Apps

Hi all

I am facing following problem: I tried building a mashup using objects from multiple apps. As I have identical fields in both apps I changed the js-code by applying the code (from http://www.codewander.com/qlik-sense-mashup-apply-filters-across-two-or-more-apps/ ) as follows to my second app (the app I want to select whatever is selected in my first app):

var selState = app.selectionState( );
var listener = function() {
var selFields = selState.selections;
if (selFields!=null){
$.each(selFields, function(key, value) {
var valArray=[];
$.each(value.selectedValues, function(key,value){
isNaN(value.qName) ? valArray.push(value.qName):valArray.push(Number(value.qName));
selState.OnData.bind( listener );


If I make a selection in a number-field it's working

If I make a selection in a text-field it's working.

But only for the very first field I make a selection in.

Selections I make in a second or third field are not applied to my second app. 

However, I noticed that it IS working as expected if I have my two application opend in the browser while making selections in the mashup. (What is definitely not what I want to need to do 🙂 )

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Try setting the toggle parameter in the selectValues call to false.