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.NET-API: disconnect, selection in sheets

Hello community,

i'm using the qlik sense .net api to connect to an existing/open qlik sense app and change the current selection. This works essentially, but i have two issues/questions regarding to it:

1. How can i explicitly disconnect the connection from the .net api to the qlik sense server? Is it possible somehow? I ran into the problem, that when connecting multiple times in a short period of time (like a few minutes or so), i'm getting the error of too many parallel session connections.

The dispose-methods obviously do not disconnect, as the problem remains when calling them.

2. Our qlik sense app contains different sheets. I would like to change the selection of specific sheets, but i only found the .net api for change the selection of an entire app. Is it possible to change the selection of a specific sheet, e.g. when working with two different sheets of the same app in two browser tabs?

Here is an example how i use the .net-api at the moment for selection (sso for login):


qLoc = Qlik.Engine.Location.FromUri("https://qsserver/hub:443");
qLoc.AsNtlmUserViaProxyAsync(true, null, false).Wait();
qAppId = Qlik.Engine.LocationExtensions.AppWithId(qLoc, "guid", true);
qSession = Qlik.Engine.Session.WithApp(qAppId, Qlik.Engine.SessionType.Default);
qApp = Qlik.Engine.LocationExtensions.App(qLoc, qAppId, qSession, true, false);

qField = qApp.GetField("fieldname", "");
qField.Select("value", true, 0);


Thank you and best regards


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Hello @daniellw 

1. This is a license limitation, you can only open up to 5 sessions in a 5 minutes time interval, so even if you were to close the app, you would still need to wait 5 minutes after it's closed to open a new session and perform further actions.

This limitation does not apply to Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) and other core-based licenses.


2. You would need to do it as two different identities OR switch all objects on the other sheet to a different alternate state.

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Hello @Damien_Villaret 

thank you for your answer. If i got you right, there is no method to disconnect a .NET-API connection/session explicitly?


Hello @daniellw 

My point is that disconnecting the .NET API connection will not help solving your issue, as there is a licensing limitation that you can only open 5 sessions within a 5 minutes time interval, so even if you close all sessions, you would still need to wait until you can open a new one and perform new API calls.

You should purchase a core-based license if you want to get rid of that limitation, or restructure your code to reuse the same session.

You can read here a bit how sessions are counted: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Sense-Deployment-Management/Qlik-sense-concurrent-sessions/td-p/1...

If the issue is solved please mark the answer with Accept as Solution.