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.NET SDK Delete stream

Hi all,

do you know if it is possible to delete streams using .NET SDK?

I wrote this console app to delete Qlik apps.

foreach (IAppIdentifier appIdentifier in location.GetAppIdentifiers())


                if (foundAppIdentifier != null)


                    bool DeleteApp = location.Delete(foundAppIdentifier);



Problem is that I want to delete stream with all the apps belonging to that stream.

Is it possible to delete stream with all the apps? I want to automate this.


1 Reply

This thread covers the topic of how to access the stream information of an app through the SDK:

Gettting the stream an app is published to .net SDK

I'm pretty sure you can't delete the actual stream through the SDK though. The SDK is a wrapper for the Engine API and that API concerns primarily apps and their contents, not their context. To to CRUD operations on streams, you should look into the Repository API (REST based):

Qlik Sense Repository Service API ‒ Qlik Sense Developers

To list the streams, I believe you should do something like this:

GET /qrs/stream

Working with entities ‒ Qlik Sense Developers