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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Nebula.js - Help to undertand the basics (eg. useApp)


I have made a few simple extensions in the past, and now I want to start using the new Nebula/Enigma frameworks for them.

However, I'm struggling to find enough information and examples to understand how.

For example, I'm using 'useApp' from Nebula and trying to run the method 'getObjects' on it

const app = useApp();
app.getObjects({ qOptionsVar }).then(infos => {

On the documentation, the qOptionsVar is shown as an example like (help link)


  "qOptions": {
    "qTypes": [
    "qIncludeSessionObjects": true,
    "qData": {}


However, I cannot find any documentation that explains the different values or options to fill in this in order to control what is returned by the method.

Where I can find this info? For example, I would like to retrieve all the Master items on the app.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂


Cristian Dorbesi
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Are you trying to build a custom theme? a visualization?

Here are a few links that may guide you in the right direction


kind regards...

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi Frank,

I'm trying to build an extension. Similar to a container to display a few master items.

The main issue I found is that I don't find all the documentation I need. For example, as I said on the previous example.

For the App.getObjects, it needs a parameter like the one mentioned, but I haven't found any documentation about what are the supported types/values for the parameter "qTypes".

For example, I found by just trying that 'sheets' is a valid type, or on the next link, there are some others given by other users.


However, there is NO accessible documentation about what are the possible types supported. This is not the only case where this happens....


Qlik dev: No info about the valid values.





Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place. Could you please indicate where I can find the information?



Cristian Dorbesi