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Contributor III
Contributor III

Need to have default date selected on opening App

I need to have the default date selected as max(date) of the date field when the app is opened.

I have tried using the Climber Selection Bar extension but it just does not recognize the date field at all. It does not perform any selection when I enter the date as is, inside the "Initial selection" box. Neither does it work when I try to perform max(date) in the "Initial selection" box. However, max(date) in a KPI box seems to show me the right answer.

Does the date have to be written with a certain format? Or can this be done using any other way?

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What you can do:

1. Make a flag in your script which flags the max date. 

2. Create a bookmark containing that flag

3. Set bookmark as default (one of the latest Qlik features)

Now when you open the app, the bookmark will become active which sets the flag, and the flag will equal your max date.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Unfortunately I do not have the latest version of Qliksense. So the default bookmark feature is unavailable. Is there anything else that can be done?


Extensions such as Truechart Menubar allow you set "on load" triggers on a sheet.  The actions allow you to set filters among other things.  Problem is you'd have to put it on every sheet.  Menubar also has to be compatible with your version of qlik sense, but as long as you have a relatively recent version it should work.