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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pagination/Extensions Fresh Service

I have created a connection to Fresh Service API, there are over 100 items I must access using pagination.

https://<MyDomain>, this is my current connection. I only received 100 items (this is the maximum number of items to be received per page).

 https://<MyDomain>, This is what I have tried using (next URL) for my pagination. This does not work, I still receive 100 items.


Now, I have been led to believe that I need extensions to perform this task. Is this corrrect? If so, what extensions does one need?


Thank you in advanced for your time!


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To select a pagination, you must know which mechanism or type of pagination your REST data source uses.

  •  if you want to use CUSTOM pagination then you have to write a CUSTOM script for pagination.
  •  if you use OFFSET, you need to identifying from your data source required parameters related to OFFSET-pagination (offset value, start initial value, count value and total records path).

Globally, it is a question of knowing the type of pagination implemented in your REST data sources. You can get help using PostMan ( for example but some time the needed metadata is not displayed using Postman