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Performance optimization tips for widgets

Hi All,

Is there any documentation/blog posts related to performance optimization tips for widgets?

I use 4 out of the box chart objects and 4 custom objects in a sheet, custom objects are taking more seconds to load.

2 seconds - response time for out of the box

8 seconds - response time for custom objects

Performance difference is so obvious, trying to bring down at least few seconds. 

Thanks in Advance!

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There are many ways to make an object slow, but the most common is that calculations take a long time.

Try to identify which of your objects is the slow one. Then try adding the same data to a standard object and check if it's also slow. If it is, the problem is your calculations. If not it might be your object:

- does it make a lot of calls to engine?

- does it fetch more data than needed ? Like thousands of rows where you only see a few.

Good luck!


It's a KPI widget with simple expression like sum({<Filter1={1}, Filter2={'Value1'}} Sales)

Wondering whether there is any best practises or optimization document for widgets/extensions.