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Qlik Developer Community – An Important Update

Hello Everyone!

We’re pleased to let you know that as we head into 2021, we’re launching a short quarterly communication to our developer community.  As we move toward the final months of 2020, we’d like to kick-start this with a few recent updates of note, as well as a peek at what’s on the horizon in 2021. 

  • In June we introduced our new developer site qlik.devThis is our new home for Qlik developers for topics covering cloud API reference, technical documentation and tutorials for embedding, extending, and automating on Qlik Sense SaaS editions.  In the planned November release, we’ll also have search, feedback and a changelog available on the site to further improve your experience.  We continue to welcome all your feedback on qlik.dev as we work to evolve the site.
  • With the launch of qlik.dev, we’re also beginning the process of consolidating existing Qlik developer properties, including rebranding Qlik Garden and our Trusted Extension Developer (TED) program under the developer.qlik.com site to create a more unified, integrated and engaging experience for you.  We want to support you with the right experience, tools and resources to make you, your organization and customers more successful. 
  •  As Qlik continues to invest in our Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS offering and the overarching journey towards becoming a cloud-first company, we’re laser-focused on supporting our customers, partners and their developers to make the journey with us.  We see qlik.dev as an important first step as it supports our ‘API-first’ approach. 

Looking a bit further out, we’ll be debuting both a new dedicated space for Qlik developers and a developer blog series as a part of Qlik Community.  We think you’ll agree that bringing together all the key parts of the Qlik ecosystem under the Qlik Community – where our users and our developers already are– makes sense.

As always your feedback is important to us.  We would love to keep the discussion going. You can reach out directly to us via your established feedback channels and we invite you to open a dialogue one-to-one with me, Catherine Frye (Catherine.Frye@Qlik.com) or my colleague Garret Lopata (Garret.Lopata@Qlik.com) directly with your feedback, suggestions or questions.


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