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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlik Mashup Extension rebuilds itself automatic

Dear Community,

We have a project running that a user can build a mashup on the fly by a configuration file.
This build process gets triggered by a boolean that is set on true in a special file, that can be edited from the dev-hub.
When the build is completed this file gets overwritten with a false boolean. 
In the preview the mashup gets reloaded and the user can see the result.

The special file in the dev-hub with the boolean that triggers the build process is still the same because its not reloaded. 
We need to force the dev-hub to refresh to see the changes in the special file.

When we are checking the result with the view button so it gets openend in a new window. It suddenly gets rebuild.
Nobody triggered the mashup to do this.

We have the feeling when the user doesn't refresh the dev-hub, the files that are showed with their old settings get saved/resend again what triggers basically the whole build process again.

Does somebody know if the dev-hub saves/resend after a certain time automatically?
Or that the user gets a time out and with logging in again it get triggerd with the old settings?


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