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Qlik Sense Mash-Up API Tutorials

Hi everyone,

I've created a series of tutorials around the basic functions of the Qlik Mash-up APIs.  Hopefully the tutorials will be able to get people up and running in creating web sites and applications using this API.

There will be some blog posts on Branch coming soon with more details and tutorials, but I wanted to make these available now.

The posts reference some code samples on Qlik Branch here:

The videos can be found here:

Part 1: Getting Set Up -

Part 2: Embedding Objects -

Part 3: Connecting to Fields -

Part 4: Creating HyperCubes -

Thanks, hopefully they'll be helpful for learning how to use this API.

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Hi Brian!

Thanks for these articles. Very helpful so far.

However, i am stuck in Part 4 by getting a few errors in Chrome's dev tools when trying to look at the created mashup:


Any idea, why this is happening and how i can solve this ?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Philipp,

Just use https instead of http for your jquery source link from


regarding jquery.sparkline, if you do not have access to https at, use instead a local copy.

I hope it helps,



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Hello Brian,

Is it possible to use a solution like yours, setting up the Qlik Sense Mash-Up API, to provide end-customers access to an app I've created?

If so, how can we solve the issue of the URL being referred to the localhost?



Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hi Brian,

Thank you for nice tutorials and it's very helpful.

I designed a webpage by using the API mashup and I have two pages in this web view. Fact is that if I give any sections in one page that selection doesn't reflect in next page.

Any clue would bu highly appreciable.


Rakesh Paul


Thank you Brian for sharing these posts, for #3, Connecting to Fields, if I use the sample code in QS 3.2 SR5 Dev Hub, I get an error "Cannot read property 'select' of null". Things have changed since Nov 2014 when this was posted. 

Could you upload latest sample code compatible with QS 3.2 ?

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Brian,


YouTube links are not working. It is showing error as private video. Could you please help yo get access.