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Qlik Sense and AWS Cognito using JWT

Hi All,

I am attempting to use AWS Cognito as an IdP using JWT through Qlik Sense. The issue I'm facing is the POST that Cognito sends to Qlik Sense does not contain an Authorization header, so Qlik does not even begin to parse the response because it says "Could not authenticate the request: Expected an authentication header."

Qlik expects the JWT to come in the format of Authorization : Bearer + JWT, but Cognito's response is not in that format. Does anyone know a way around this? Is it absolutely necessary that a web server sit between Cognito and Qlik to receive the initial POST, format the data, then POST to Qlik?

If I use a Chrome app like Advanced Rest Client, I'm able to use the JWT from Cognito, and manually add it into the Authorization header with value, bearer + JWT. And it successfully syncs the user with Qlik and the user appears in the User Directories within the QMC. 

Thank you!

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Have you been able to make it work?