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Qlik causes network Error : An operation was attempted on a nonexistent network connection

Hello Everyone, 

we recently updated Qlik Sense for a customer to Version June 2020, Patch 5. 

Afterwards, we receive constantly network error when some reload tasks start. The reloads will fail as well since it needs SAP SQL Connection. The network can be simply rebuilt when the Admin log-in to the server. But it is really annoying that it seems Qlik Tasks has caused all the network Problem. 

On the windows event under Application and Services > Microsoft/Windows/NetworkProfile  we can find the warning says:  

Source: NetworkProfile / EventID: 4003 / Task Category:  Wait for Identification

Has someone also met this similar problem? Hoping to get some help ASAP. 

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hello there,

I found some more information from Qlik Logs,

Repository system Log shows Error:

Unexpected exception when trying to serve /resources/favicon.ico  

An operation was attempted on a nonexistent network connection

and Proxy Warning Log: Error during stream authentication as Server

Thanks in advance. I appreciate if there is some feedback.