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QlikSense Task Log Download via QRS API

Hi All,

I am interested in accessing the script log for a task via the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS) API (or perhaps the SDK). The attached jpeg shows the QMC task screen.

It is part of a bigger requirement to accurately (and by accurately I mean 100% of the time) link an executed task to a task log file. We are using the QRS API to execute tasks. When a task executes the success or failure can be determined by API call. /qrs/executionresult/full (filtered by id).

What it doesn't do is to tie the log output task in the event of failure for fault diagnosis.

The QMC "Download script log" button can do this, but I cannot find an associated API call.

Here is an example output file name produced by a task:


89f40ace-3512-4494-beea-c03433c31e2e = app id

2016_06_25_13_58_16 = datetime

87CEFE1E6BBC4555F2AF = ??????

The app id is obviously identifiable. I have found due to datetime rounding linking /qrs/executionresult/full (filtered by id) to the file output in the "Archived Logs" directory not 100% reliable.



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I am also trying to do something similar. Have you got any updates on this question?

Thanks a lot!


Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

Not so sure but you can try Qlik Branch this extension