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Qliksense Server ODBC-MYSQL Connection Issues

I have Created ODBC connection to MYSQL Server..(Using MYSQL-ODBC Driver)

Created ODBC Connection in Qliksense...

While fetching data from one of the Table, i am facing following Issues :

1. Few Fields are not getting fetched.( did not find few fields in association page)

2. Once i prepare data and again if i want to fetch some data(from same table or different table) i am not able view name of the database.  Please Refer Following Imageclay_new_community.png


I can only find data connection in SYSTEM DSN not in USER DSN..

Can someone explain me this behavior? It would be great help!

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I don't know why, but It works with SYSTEM DSN.

Have you tried using the MySql package?




The DNS defined in as USER DNS are available only for the user which has defined it, whereas DNS defined as SYSTEM are shared across all users in the system. Usually, Qlik Sense runs with  Service User different from the application user, that's why SYSTEM DNS is required.

Your problem seems more related to the reading rights. Probably the user you're using do not have the rights to read data

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Thanks for differentiating DNS properly..

talking about database issue.. i.e. Reading Rights -

so problem lies on My(qliksense server) side or on database side???


From Qlik Sense you access to MySql with a specific user. You need to check ON THE DATABASE this user has the reading rights