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Contributor III
Contributor III

R.ScriptEvalStr is not a registered SSE function

Hello Experts,

I have QlikSense version Feb 2020 on a sandbox server and I followed the below KB and Youtube tutorial to integrate R with QS.



I followed all the steps and integrated R, but I am getting an error when loading the data for one of the sample apps. I have researched the forums but couldn't find a solution to this issue. Below is what the error message says. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

Data Load Progress:

Elapsed time 00:00:00
Started loading data
Titanic << Titanic_data Lines fetched: 1,309
The following error occurred:
'R.ScriptEvalStr' is not a registered SSE function. Ensure the plugin is running and try restarting Qlik Engine.
The error occurred here:
EchoedColumnsFromR: Load * Extension R.ScriptEvalStr('names(q) <- c("sex_echo", "pclass_echo", "survived_echo"); q;', Titanic{ sex, pclass, survived })
Data has not been loaded. Please correct the error and try loading again.
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