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REST API Connection error after.

Hello all,

I have the following error I'm trying to solve but having a hard time figuring out.

We have QlikSense Enterprise Server to which we connect from our desktops via browsers. It is on our local network. It is not cloud. 

I have script that connects to the server to run few jobs. I had connected successfully prior to upgrade using "ws://". 

After Server upgrade to Nov 2019 version scripted stopped working. Script hasn't changed. So I'm trying to figure out how to fix it. 

The error I'm getting is

Connected to Qlik Sense
ERROR: General error.
Websocket connection timed out. No response received within 5 seconds.
Listing Apps...

I found on this support site a QlikSense Websocket Connectivity Tester. After few mods of it, I was able to get the possible error out if which is a screen shot below


Looks like a certificate error but I can't figure out how to fix it.

By the way, no problem using either QlikSence or DevHub to connect to the server.

Please, let me know if any additional information needed to better understand this issue.

Thanks in advance,


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