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[REST/Javascript API] Get sheet and sheet's content with SaaS solution

Hello, i've been struggling for past few days trying to get all the data i could on my apps.

I tried Rest API , EnigmaJS and  JSONRPC approaches, and no ones seems to allow to get :

  • All sheets reachable from the app's perspective
    • All the data used in a sheet
    • Where does this data come from (which dataset imported)
  • Where does the data imported in app come from (which connector, jdbc url, etc.)

Is this possible with SaaS solution API (REST or JSONRPC or Javascript) ?

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Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

You can use the engine API (enigma.js, Qlik .Net SDK) with SaaS tentant to obtain the information you want.  There are examples in the doc on how to connect to a SaaS tenant. 

You can also use my tool QSDA Pro to connect to your SaaS app and extract the information you want. The next release of QSDA Pro will include Lineage info and additional data export options for custom analysis