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Radar chart - data


I'm finding it difficult to plot a Radar Chart using the following extension: Qlik Branch. I suspect it has something to due with the way my data is structured.

Here is my data:

CompanyIDCompanyNameRevenueGrossProfitBalance SheetEBITEquity
1Copenhagen Beer A/S100$77$250$177$500$
2Dan Cars150$-13$144$133$250$
3BioPharma Inc77$5$102$55$300$
4Sovino A/S23$44$88$62$425$

Then I use a value function to create a list including the company, the average, top 50 and top 10.

=ValueList('Companye','Average','Top 50', 'Top 10')

Then I want to create a Radar Chart where the two dimensions are the Key Figures (Revenue, GrossProfit, Balance Sheet, EBIT and Equity) and the ValueList, and the measure are Dollars.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this?

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