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Render mashup created in dev hub on a website


I did not assume it would be simple but I am stuck and need direction:

I wanted to render a mashup on a website and then use HTML skills to arrange a particular sheet on a webpage.

I did the following:

1) Dragged and dropped my objects onto the mashup which auto created html, js, css and qtext files.

2) Installed xampp which I am using as my webserver

3) Copied the codes from the html, js, css & qtext files onto my favorite text editor and saved it on my webserver.

4) Changed the referencing of all these files (of course)

5) Found that the html was referencing Qlik-styles.css & require.js and hence copied those files as well and referenced them accordingly.

But even after doing all this, I am unable to render the objects on my html page. The HTML page is only displaying a blank page.

I am sure I am missing many key concepts maybe but I wanted to know how to go about doing this.

PS: I am using Qlik Sense desktop 3.2

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You need a server installation for this.


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Hi Erik,

If I can render the website, i.e. open it on the browser by mashing up on Dev hub, I should be able to open it if I put those HTML files on the webserver too right?

A server will give me the architecture agreed but for testing purpose, I think I can still do it if I have my Qlik Sense desktop running.

I just want to bypass Qlik as my webserver and use my own.

Any other thoughts on this?



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Assuming that this is not possible with server installation.