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Contributor III
Contributor III

SSE R-plugin issue

Hello QlikUser

Am able to download SSE-R plugin from the below github location .

GitHub - qlik-oss/sse-r-plugin: A Qlik server-side extension plugin for accessing R.

But the problem is it asked the user to Build SSERerve.exe (in step 2) .

Am not able to do so , as it is throwing error some Nuget packages were missing, For the strange reason my Visual Studio(2017 -Community version)/Nuget packet Manager  not able to download the dependent packages .I try installing alone , but in vain.

Is there is any alternate way , where I can get SSERerve.exe or any document to do so (steps provided in github is not fully comprehend by me as am very new to Visual studio)

Any document / Support is highly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance !!

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Hi Maxim!

It worked for me but still I cannot run some code in R.

In any case, I followed the installation instructions (and only that) in

this file:

Please let me know if you keep having problems.


2018-02-20 17:44 GMT-06:00 Maxim Senin <>: