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SSL Certificate for Sense

Quick question, when I add the thumbprint for my installed certificate the Hub and QMC work fine while I am RDP to the actual server.

If I try to access the Qlik Sense hub from my local desktop I get the error Secure Connection Failed: ssl_error_internal_error_alert

When I dig into it I notice that the certificate it is trying to use is not the one in thumbprint.  Am I missing something simple?

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A couple of things:

1. Does the certificate for which the thumbprint comes from have a private key?  Qlik Sense uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure communication.  TLS requires private keys attached to the certificate.

2. Sometimes the spaces between characters in the thumbprint do not get trimmed by the system.  You may want to try taking the spaces out of the thumbprint.


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I have the same issue. It used to work properly for me when I was on 1.01. This past weekend I upgraded to 2.01, and all of sudden the SSL certificate error came back. The interesting thing is when I rolled back to 1.01, the error disappeared, leading me to conclude that it does not have anything to do with the certificate or private key itself. Somehow, only the Qlik self-generated certificate gets pulled in, leading to the errors. I cannot delete the Qlik certificate, or the application won launch. Anyone has experience, please post.

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I have the same issue, do you have a solution yet?

When I restart the QS service it looks like QS is rolling back all my modified settings according SSL and use there own self-signed CA certificatie.

It's getting me nuts.

(see my post: Qlik Sense server own domain SSL certificate not working)

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our IT folks helped me to reinstall the certificate in 'legacy' mode, which resolved the issue.