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SSO login using kerberos from IOS


Anyone that have setup Single Sign On from an Iphone user Kerberos SSO to Sense?

We have setup SSO using kerberos to about 3-4 other applications using certificate on the phone to get a kerberos ticket and then get SSO to a web application on IOS. We setup SPN and distribute a Kerberos konfig file to the phone via our MDM system and you get SSO to the application. But Sense does not work. We get the forms login page all the time. I have tried to use the ports 4248 for http and 4244 for https also with no success.

Anyone that have done this and know what urls that needs to be in the Kerberos SSO konfig file to get this to work. Or if it is some other setting in sense to enable this.

We do get Kerberos ticket and SSO from windows so the SPN is correct setup.

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