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Specialist III
Specialist III

SelectValues method is not working in my Mashup

Hello Friends, 


I am creating one mashup, where I am trying to create multi-select dropdown after fetching data from applist method. 

After creating dropdown, when i am trying to apply multiple filters using SelectValues method, it is not happening, it is not giving me any error but nothing is happening, 

below is my code : 

$( "#Filter1_Button" ).click( function () {
var str = [];
$('#Filter1 :selected').each(function(i, selectedElement) {
// str[i] = "{qText:'" + $(selectedElement).val() + "'}";
// str[i] = '"' + $(selectedElement).val() + '"';
str[i] = $(selectedElement).val();
// var fil = "["+str.join()+"]";
 var fil = str.join();

app1.field('Labels').selectValues([fil],true, true);


when I am hardcoding values in the select values method, it is working.


please help 


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