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Creator II
Creator II

Sense / QAP Engine API authentication possible with ticket?

I have the following Python code:

UrlWS = "wss://" + hostname + "/app/" # Trailing slash is important!
userDirectory, userId = "MyDirectory", "MyUserID"
wsheader=['X-Qlik-User: UserDirectory=' + userDirectory + '; UserId=' + userId]

ws = websocket.create_connection (
header = wsheader

I receive the following response:

{'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'method': 'OnAuthenticationInformation', 'params': {'loginUri': '', 'mustAuthenticate': True}}


The loginUri above goes to a login form.  If I were to fill out and submit the form programmatically, would I get a ticket?  And how would I pass that into the Websocket interface?

Note that I get the same response even if I omit the X-Qlik-User header.



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