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Virtual Proxy Header Authentication - 400 Http Request Header is incorrect


I am attempting to setup header authentication to the Qlik Sense hub using  the steps described on this help page:

I followed the instructions as described. However, when I tried testing my virtual proxy using Postman, I got the following error:  "400 Http Request Header is incorrect"

Please note that my configuration screenshots would look exactly like the ones in the example given in the link above.

I will appreciate any help I could get including information on settings that should be in place before attempting header authentication.

Thank you.





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Creator III
Creator III

As there haven't been any replies yet you may get a better response by posting screenshots of your virtual proxy settings and your postman settings.  That will help us help you.

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

You might have solved this already, but for others:

I am guessing the problem is that the hostname you are using is not in the whitelist in QMC under each virtual proxy.


Qlik Sense has started checking the header "Host:" on all requests now. Not just when opening the websocket. This is a good thing.

The error message is, technically, correct. Just very, very misleading:

   400 Bad Request - The http header is incorrect