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Creator III
Creator III

Why is apps?chacheburst a.k.a api/hub/ so slow? a.k.a why is opening the HUB so slow?

The response in our environment for this API has 181,034 characters for me when opening the Hub. It sits in Waiting (TTFB) for 7+ sec for 280 apps. And it doesn't change if you open the Hub on a Stream first...

Qlikview Accesspoint opens in half the time. Is Qlik Sense a big step backwards in Hub performance? Or are we doing something wrong?

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Hey Stephen,

That endpoint (/api/hub/v1/apps) is the resultant of the Repository's evaluation of what apps a user can see. I'd expect initial load times to be higher than subsequent load times, as the Repository does some level of caching.

As you mentioned, the response does not change between opening up /hub and opening up a specific stream.

In terms of the cause, it's hard to get into specifics for a general problem but it is the interaction of:

  1. The number of total apps in the environment
  2. The amount of meta-data that the Repository has for the user (e.g. AD groups)
  3. The number and complexity of the security rules

As for the comparison to QlikView, at least some level of this is due to the sophistication of the rules engine in Qlik Sense. In QlikView, you have NTFS or DMS.

  • NTFS does an ACL lookup on a file and compares against the user
  • DMS does a lookup against the .meta file

In comparison to Qlik Sense, where the default behavior (determined by the Stream rule) uses inheritance from multiple levels (e.g. Stream > App).

I'll reach out to you privately to be a beta-tester on a tool + an app which may be able to help.

Creator III
Creator III

Thanks Levi. Subsequent load times are not any faster.

  1. The number of total apps in the environment(We've got lots)
  2. The amount of meta-data that the Repository has for the user (e.g. AD groups)(We've got lots)
  3. The number and complexity of the security rules(We've got lots of those too)

I appreciate you including us in the beta test. The security architecture is what puts Qlik ahead of the competition. We just need to sort out this perception killer.


can you share some experience Stvegerton? did you solved it?