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Contributor III
Contributor III


I have created an extension with a datepicker using jquery.

I prefer building them because we are a secure environment and I do not want outside links.

The Jquery code contains a link to an outside icon for the calendar.

I have attempted to replace this with a local icon/jpg/png, but NOTHING appears to work. The icon only appears when i use the jquery external icon, i need to make this local.

Below is the enabled code which gets the gif from outside, I have also included all failed attempts.

buttonImage: "http://jqueryui.com/resources/demos/datepicker/images/calendar.gif", // This is the Icon calendar image.
//buttonImage: ".calendar.gif", I have tried every possible syntaz and cannot get this to pull from a local src.
//buttonImage: "/images/calendar.gif", // another attempt THIS FAILS
//buttonImage: "..images/calendar.gif", // This is the Icon calendar image. FAILS
//buttonImage: href="calendar.gif", // This is the Icon calendar image. FAILS
//buttonImage: "href=calendar.gif", // This is the Icon calendar image. FAILS

Any Ideas ?

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