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media box extension (using google instead bing)

Hi, I saw a video from @michael_tarallo where he use media box and bing.

Using the Qlik REST Connector - Pagination and Multiple JSON Schemas - YouTube

Min 22.10, the bing sintaxis is: ='http://www.bing.com/images/search?q='&GetFieldSelections(name)

I wonder if somebody tried using google instead of Bing and how will be the sintaxis.

Cheers, Cristian

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Hi Cristian - had to search the community to find this discussion thread - to reference me - as you are typing @michael_tarallo a list will pop up - you will need to select the person listed as MTO and it will then hyperlink, that way when you submit the thread I will be notified. I have not seen this because I was not linked properly.

So for Bing - I used this: ='http://www.bing.com/images/search?q='&GetFieldSelections(people_name)

However it seems that Google is no longer allowing a simple URL image search - this URL works in the browser but not from the Qlik Sense Desktop app or even Enterprise app like the Bing search does - it may be possible that this is being blocked.


I believe they want you you to use the Google image search API or something similar - so this is definitely a Google thing - it seems.

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