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Contributor III
Contributor III

qlik script or code or expression for the "export data" function

So, I would like to subset a dataset by ROWS using, naturally, SELECTIONS. 

Once my selection is resulted in the sheet, with a right click, I can "export data" to obtain an xslx file version; (reference: Exporting data from a visualization ‒ Qlik Sense).

What I would really like is to have the Qlik sense script or code to reproduce the "export data" command and generate the same file / table right there in place in QLIK sense, so that I can now continue to use newly generated row-subsetted table  for more work.

For example, I would like to  use such new table as the QLIK sense inputfile into R for further manipulation in R.

Thanks in advance.


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Contributor III
Contributor III

The core of the idea of integration R and Qlik Sense is not to do that.

We do not want to export data to do something in R. Via selection in Qlik and via integration with R we send the data which we want to process in R, get it processed and place results on chart - and all that invisibly for user. Why don't you try to integrate R with your application?

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Adam:

What you have described as "the core of the idea... is exactly what I am trying to accomplish: the input data is originating from QLIK Sense visualized after a selection. In addition to the export function which involves a non-"invisible" step, my question is how to use get QLIK Sense to send this data to R "invisibly" and following manipulation in R invisibly, R can return it back to QLIK Sense invisibly as an outputted file for ongoing QLIK Sense action -- "all that invisibly for the user.".

R is already integrated into my QLIK Sense Desktop, using the instructions posted here and getting help from kind and generous members of the group like you; without this latter group, I wouldn't have gotten this far, at least, not this fast.

It will really help me and I will appreciate it if you have an answer to my question. Thanks in advance.